Ionic for UI Designers

Hi! I’m a UI Designer and I’m new to the Ionic world. I’m used to writing HTML5 and CSS3 files, and I have to learn Ionic2. I don’t really need to get into JS or functionalities just yet, I just need to be able to create HTML files and style them with CSS. I’ve read the documentation on Components and Themes; but I would like to see a tutorial a very simple example of how to add components to a page. In HTML I would usually use DIV, what do I use in ionic? How do I translate a (css) width: 100%, margin 0 auto; to ionic? Basic things like this.


After this guide you will be probably an ionic expert.
Oh and dont worry about the scss its mostly the same as css and will be implemented in ionic same as in normal html5… if you know js will be learning typescript easy.
Good luck…

Thanks, I do need to find some free tuts, I’m looking on youtube for now. :slight_smile: