Compatibility issue on Windows Phone platform

Hi there,

I am new to Ionic and it looks so good in particular the UI components.

Only one issue with Ionic is, it doesn’t compatible with Windows Phone, e.g.
icons cannot be displayed,
always asks to download app from Windows Phone Store when clicked a button

So how do you guys solve these compatibility issues?

Other than these, I really like it’s “light-weight” comparing to Sencha Touch.


Hi, I’m tried to build ionic app on windows phone too, it’s not easy at all. Ionic not support windows phone yet, and seems they have a lot of work with that.

your two question:

  1. download and include ionicons

  2. this post: angularjs-cordova-windows-phone-quirk

If you really want build ionic hybrid app on windows phone, MORE and MORE IE issue is waiting for you… :stuck_out_tongue: