Windows Phone Icons of ionic

I am trying to build an app for Android, Ios and Windows phone 8 with ionic,AngularJs and cordova.
When i deployed my app on Android everything worked just fine , but when i deployed on Windows phone 8 fonts werent found.

First i thought i messed up the css files so i created an example app, but when i deployed it on windows phone 8 the fonts and icons didn’t show just a box where the icons suppose to be.

Does anybody knows why this happens ? and how i can resolve this because i read some posts on this forum and none of them worked for me.

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There is no IE mobile/IE aka windows phone support!

IE does not understand the fonts.
You could add own icons for IE in png-format or use Bootstrap2 icons.


Yeah this is a known thing. Like @bengtler has stated, IE doesn’t understand web fonts (nice going IE)
Or at least when they are loaded in external style sheets.

What you can do is link to them directly through CDN for now

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Here’s a link to a nice SO post about the issue

Oke tnx ! you guys this fix my font problem, but there are so many problems with my tab view :p, does ionic supper IE mobile/IE ?because my app is totally broken in windows phone 8, and when i click on a link inside a tab view he wants to download an app.

update: for the link problem i found this solution ANGULARJS, CORDOVA, WINDOWS PHONE QUIRK but support ionic IE mobile ? or not ?

nooooooooooooooot :slight_smile:

No official support

Unfortunately no official support for IE/WP8. WP8 doesn’t use standard touch events…for some odd reason, so there’s a lot of work to make sure things work as intended.

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Another little question if you start the ionic starter app with tabs and a list in internet explorer. and you click on a list item and go back to the list trough the tabs and you click again on the list item the view doesnt change. is there a solution for this ? or do i have to wait :stuck_out_tongue: ?

I will use the wise words of mhartington and an olllld old friend:

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