Compared with reapp

How do you think of Reapp( Or React, May Ionic to be integrated with them?

I have no experience with Reapp, but one thing I’ve come to appreciate is the value of a larger community and a bigger ecosystem. I think with Ionic the community and ecosystem are already quite large, with Reapp probably not so much (yet).

This is extremely valuable especially when you run into problems or you are searching for solutions: it’s just that much easier to find answers from the community (Google, Stackoverflow or Ionic’s own forums). With a smaller community you’re much more on your own (meaning, be prepared to dive into the source code to find the answers yourself).

Also with Ionic there’s a real company behind it driving it forward. This guarantees some stability compared to a purely community driven project (who guarantees that Reapp will be around and maintained one or two years from now?).

It never hurts to learn about other frameworks/approaches (React.js versus Angular.js and so on), but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side even when the demos look great, so I wouldn’t jump on another bandwagon too soon.

Ionic is massive in its own style when compared to other frameworks … and the react integration done using ,