Collection-repeat in a subsection

I am looking at a mechanism to have a screen with an ionic content with a collection repeat list, that includes infinite scroll, but also have the ability to split the window horizontally with a window on top where I can display a graph (or for the sake of this example, lets just say image)

Consider this example: --> this shows a codepen with collection-repeat and infinite scroll. I am also using ionicScrollDelegate to figure out which item is at the top of the scroll view.

Now I want to add a view above the list, but below the header in such a way that it does not scroll out of view as a I scroll the list.

I’ve tried making ion-content scroll=false and then add a ion-scroll with direction=“y” around the collection repeat, but that both messes up a the view as well as messes up the infinite scroll.

Any thoughts? Can someone modify the codepen to show me how one might add a “view” between the header and the list that shows, say, some random image, but the collection-repeat, infinite-scroll and the header display on top that displays which element is at the top continues to work?