Collection-repeat with ion-infinite-scroll

Hey there,

I try to mix collection-repeat with ion-infinite-scroll.
i found old post with it but it didn’t work for me. (What about mixing “collection-repeat” and "ion-infinite-scroll?)

any ideas ?

Collection repeat and infinite scrolls playing nicely together.

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ty mhartington!
i will check the example

Hey mhartington,
i check your code on my app,
i still have a the same problem like i had before…
the refresh icon shows on top.

another thing that i dont know if you can help is when new items appears the list is has a small “stack” not smoothly like native.

Are you talking about the icon showing up on top when the app loads? Thats too be expected. As for the jankyness, I tried it and things seemed nice and smooth.

Did you mean the loading icon on the top of ion-scroll? If yes, make sure you have $scope.$broadcast('scroll.infiniteScrollComplete'); after every time call the loadMore function.

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Hi, I am having a problem with collection repeat and infinite scroll together, and I noticed the same on your codepen. The infinite scroll icon is not showing, related to the fact that the scroll container is 2px high and so the infinite scroll is positioned on top of the list (so you can’t see it when you are at the bottom). I haven’t found any example with collection-repeat and infinite scroll working together as in the ng-repeat.

Have you tried this with the latest version of ionic? I believe that this has been resolved in the new releases

Yes I tried with the latest ionic version, beta.13. I also thought this was resolved, but as I couldn’t find any working examples I am still trying to find a way to make this work. Btw your codepen is based on the nightly version, so I guess it’s the last as well, and it shows the same problem. I will keep on digging and hope to find a solution, if it’s good enough I will share it here of course! Cheers

An issue for this was just opened up here: collectionRepeat hides infinite scroll animation - #2399

Feel free to move the discussion there. Thanks!