Infinite scroll icon cannot be seen when used with collection repeat in Ionic Beta-14

Hey guys,

This is my first post and I would like to thank Ionic for their amazing framework. I have been developing ionic apps for my firm for quite some time now.
I have been a big fan of collection-repeat directive, it improves the scroll performance to a great extent which is a big reason to worry otherwise.

Well, I am not able to see infinite-scroll icon when used with collection-repeat which works fine with ng-repeat. People seem to have reported similar issue but I could not find a possible solution or even any work around for this.

Also collection-repeat seems to be ignoring child items. An ion-item placed last in the ion-list is always displayed on top of the list which again works fine when used with ng-repeat.

Note that this issue is replicable in beta-14. Not sure about previous versions.

Below is the code pen link explaining the issue:

Any possible solution to this issue?

This was a known issue

Should be fixed in the nightly builds.

Thanks @mhartington , looking forward to this fix in the next release.