Cloned app with new app id still live updating the original app

I’m not sure why my app is still live updating to the old app after I cloned the app. I created a new app on app flow and copied the app id into the app.module,config.xml(for Cordova Plugin Ionic), package.json, and even package.lock.json. I created a new .ipa and bundle identifier for the app and uploaded it to a server and it works perfect when first downloaded but when the live update hits, it reverts back to the old app. I haven’t had this problem before, but I’m sure everything referencing the old app is now referencing the new app.

Any help would be appreciated.

I think that your problem is being caused by the native versioning of AppFlow. What I would do is change the version of the app to a greater number and versionate all the older commits to a smaller version

Are you talking about the app version in the config.xml?

Both. My suggestion is to all your past commits on appflow like this

And on your config.xml something above 0.0.0 like 0.0.1 or higher. I dont know if the versioning has some issue or I wasnt using it right, but when I had a problem like an app updating when I didnt want, this is what I did.

Okay Awesome! I’ll check that out! So as long as the versions on AppFlow are lower then the current versions on the app it should be okay?

Yes, I think so. Hope it works

Thank You very much.