Link appflow to manually deployed app

Hey guys, I have an app that was already published to the store manually, i’m trying to figure out how to make appflow deploys just update this one, is it possible? or i have to exclude the previous app and let appflow do the first deploy? Thanks in advance.

If I understand the question correctly, you have an app published in the app store and would like to update it using Live Updates.

To enable live updates, the native plugin needs to be installed, which means you’ll need to submit a new app version first before you can use live updates. Anytime native changes are made, a new app store release is required.

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You should be able to link an existing app on the App Store to an Appflow app following this instructions

Make sure the bundle identifier you used on the App Store app is the same you are using on the Appflow app


My problem was the code version, the first app publish was using code version 1 and (I don’t know if there’s a way to), it doesn’t change automatically, so I changed to 2 and the publish was successful, tankyou very much.

Yes, that was it, thank you for pointing me to the documentation.

But your comment “Anytime native changes are made, a new app store release is required.” made me a little confused, the live updates does work on native builds or just the web version?

If it does, the navite changes you are talking about is when I change something directly in the platform specific project instead of the ionic app?

Just one more thing, I’ve read the pointed documentation, configured everything and when I was about to create the deploy, I’ve received the message that " Package builds on Appflow using the Ionic Cloud CLI is only available on our Standard or Enterprise plans.", but I have the community plan and it’s saying that I have 1000 live updates, it got me confused on how to do the live updates on native builds.

The live updates apply changes to the web components of your application. It lets you make changes to the UI by pushing HTML, CSS, and Javascript changes directly to the users of your application. It does not apply to a native change. A new commit to the App Store would be needed in order to allow the users of your application to see any Native changes. Live Updates allows you to push changes directly to your users without going through the app store to instantly fix bugs and ship new features because changes are made only to the UI portion of the application. Community plan users can create the live updates by building using the tools available on the dashboard. Please refer to this doc for more information about live updates Instantly Update App UI & Fix Bugs | Appflow Live Update.