How to deliver an app (iOS+Android) to the client?

Hi all,

I’m going to develop a multi-platform app for a client and I choose Ionic to make it. The client is buying the developed app, source code included.

What are the best options to deliver the developed app and the source code to the client in order to let him publish it easily on both Android and iOS stores?

Is a correct solution to give them source code + unsigned Android apk + Xcode generated project? I would like to minimize the client effort in order to publish both versions, and to avoid sharing credentials used to sign packages.

I think that for Android should be easy for them to generate their own certificate to sign the apk in order to publish it. For iOS it’s maybe a little more complicated if I provide them with just the Xcode project. Maybe the best practice is to receive on my personal Apple developer account the Developer or the Admin role by the client in order to sign and upload the package.

Till now I’ve only developed app published on my own with my personal accounts so I’m not really experienced on the topic.

Thank you for every suggestion.