(click) Vs (tap)

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I read in one of the blogs that the use of (click) in Ionic apps adds up to 300ms as the “WebView” (where the app runs in a device) is essentially a browser and as a inherent behavior would wait for short span of time (300ms) to see if the user intend to do a “single-click” or a “double-click”. So, even though it’s only 300ms, we can save that time and optimize our app by replacing all (click) with (tap).

Would appreciate if someone could shed more light and insights on this.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Does this still apply to Ionic 3?

  2. If I replace the (click) with (tap), will everything still work in my PWA (where I use the app as a regular website)?

Any other pointers or suggestions for optimizing the app for production build will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


The classic 300ms delay thankfully hasn’t been an issue in Ionic for a very long time. It was resolved and good bit before the release of Ionic 1 Final.

So, there’s need to switch over to (tap), at least for this purpose.


Cool, this is what I was looking for.

I have an thing to add - I encountered a bug on only one HTC device -> (tap) won’t work, but (click) just worked fine. It was not my phone so I couldn’t hunt the bug, maybe its allready resolved.

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I’m on HTC 710c.
(tap) works better than (click).
I just tested this on my app which was very slowed down due to lots of things going on.
I changed every (click) to (tap) and it indeed enhanced speed a bit.

However it seems like (tap) needs larger buttons in general. It misses tapping easily on small buttons.
I will try to fix this on my app.

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Check these docs

I think adding “tappable” to (click) function works better than (tap) which I found to be unstable.
(tap) is faster given that it works but it doesn’t work all the time like (click).
I added tappable attribute to (click) and I think it became better…


Yes that is correct.


Thanks it works like charm on side menus. Any idea how to change tappable color its greyish as of now

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