Is the tap delay back in Ionic 3?

I just updated to Ionic 3.0.1 and I’m not 100% sure, but it feels like there is a slight delay introduced when clicking a list item.

I saw a changelog entry about a click-delay bug fix in 3.0.1, but is the tap delay possibly back?. or is it just my imagination?. Or something else that may possibly be making the app feel slightly less responsive?

I compared side by side with the previous version and it feels a tiny bit slower… is a little hard to tell… like smelling too many perfumes and trying to pick!

Just wanted to check and see others opinions :slight_smile:

Hey, on the plus my bundle size is down from 2MB to 1.2MB and startup time is heaps better. Yay! :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed this too. I did compare a v2 and v3.0.1 version of the same app side by side, and it definitely felt less responsive.

I’ve noticed it on non-button elements with the tappable attribute. But I think I may even notice it on button elements as well.

I am experiencing the same thing. Thought i was going crazy. Adding tappable doesn’t fix anything. even tab selection is laggy. Boo :frowning:

Are you using v3.0.1?

According release notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • tap-click: remove 300ms click delay

Just updated, and it does appear to be fixed in latest version. Thanks!

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