"ionic upload" issue (not the same as before)

Dear, how are you?
After searching the forum and can not find any information related (yes, I researched a lot before posting and found nothing to upload at least) I wanted to share a situation that I am facing.
I’m using the ionic on the machine (Windows 7) of my company, so there is a corporate proxy through which the connections pass. The fact is that every time I try to make the “ionic upload” I am getting the following return message:

c:\ionicProjects\myProj>ionic upload --verbose
Uploading app…
Upload doUpload - c:\ionicProjects\myProj key=__cfduid, value=de488ffe87fefa1899f8c37a8c5d32eec1445440072, expires=2016-10-20T15:07:52.000Z, domain=ionic.io, path=/, httpOnly=true, hostOnly=false, cr
eation=2015-10-21T15:07:53.361Z, lastAccessed=2015-10-21T15:07:53.361Z, key=sessionid, value=vcdymvzffo7n4b917kcs8bnfjrhkptwl, expires=2015-11-04T15:07:53.000Z, maxAge=1209600, domain=ionic.io, path=/
, httpOnly=true, hostOnly=false, creation=2015-10-21T15:07:53.361Z, lastAccessed=2015-10-21T15:07:53.361Z, key=csrftoken, value=jmyQgrVics7yZYtmSKYW6PeynNkcmhd6, expires=2016-10-19T15:07:53.000Z, maxA
ge=31449600, domain=ionic.io, path=/, hostOnly=false, creation=2015-10-21T15:07:53.361Z, lastAccessed=2015-10-21T15:07:53.361Z
When your webview is acting crazy who do you call? Cachebusters!
Now zipping contents of c:\ionicProjects\myProj\www
Removing cachebusting c:\ionicProjects\myProj\www\index.html
Getting Upload information from https://apps.ionic.io
> There was an error trying to upload your app.
An error occurred uploading the build: The specific error message: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
Utils.fail The specific error message: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT undefined
Utils.fail stack undefined
Utils.errorHandler is set, calling that now
Cli.Utils.errorHandler msg The specific error message: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT string

> The specific error message: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT (CLI v1.7.7)

Your system information:

Cordova CLI: 5.3.3
Ionic Version: 1.1.0
Ionic CLI Version: 1.7.7
Ionic App Lib Version: 0.6.3
OS: Windows 7 SP1
Node Version: v4.2.1

I’ve tried the environment variables definition approaches on both Windows (http_proxy, https_proxy and PROXY) and the node (proxy, https-proxy, registry and strict-ssl) and still can not make the upload. When I try to access the address via browser, an error page is displayed:

Page Message Image

Does anyone have any tips for having already gone through it and been able to solve?

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any news or fix for this one ?

Having the same problem. Does anyone have a solution?
ionic upload ignores proxy settings, though in source code of ionic it looks like it reads PROXY variable. Tried to change all occurrences manually to my proxy with no luck :frowning:

First do this

ionic login
Email: ur registered email id in ionic
Password: **************

then try to use the command ionic upload