CLI Livereload iPad

I have problems with the start of the emulator as an iPad…

Lately I started the iOS Simulator with this command: ionic run -l -c -s --target="iPad (Retina)" from this post: Ionic-cli run task: set device of simulator

Yesterday I updated NPM: npm -g update

Now I get the error: unrecognized argument:(Retina)

I found this solution How to emulate iPhone 6
-> Unfortunately no live reload.

And this, isn’t working:

$ ionic run -l -c -s --devicetypeid
Unknown platforms:


Xcode: Version 6.1.1 (6A2008a)

So, close but a little off

# Valid values for "--target" (case sensitive):
#   iPhone-4s
#   iPhone-5
#   iPhone-5s
#   iPhone-6-Plus
#   iPhone-6
#   iPad-2
#   iPad-Retina
#   iPad-Air
#   Resizable-iPhone
#   Resizable-iPad

So a valid command would be .

$ ionic emulate ios -lcs --target="iPad-Retina"

It’s been 3 months with Ionic and I just discovered you can have livereload on the iOS Simulator! :smile:

As usual, RTFM.


You should scale up in the docs IMO is describing/explaining how the “tabs” and/or “sidenav” templates use gulp, and how easy it is to customize the build.
Or rather in the Learn section?

Does this work for Android well ([Genymotion][2])? With the same command?
What a great framework. Add [angular-material][3] and you have THE meta-badass. Kudos to the team.