How to run project on simulator (ios) live reload after update

Hey guys, after the latest update to ionic cli 5.0.2 I can’t run my project anymore using the
ionic cordova emulate ios --livereload --consolelogs --target="iPhone-X,"

How can I do that now?


You probably don’t need the whole thing anymore. In your app folder, do the following:

ionic cordova emulate ios --list

That will provide you with a list of emulators and you should only need to use the name given in that list. For example, in my list, I see:

iPhone-X, 12.2
iPhone-XS, 12.2
iPhone-XS-Max, 12.2
iPhone-XR, 12.2

As the relevant iPhone X models. It looks to me as if you suffered from a recent issue where normal emulator names weren’t being recognised. That seems to be fixed now. At any rate, seeing what’s in this list is a good start.

Hope that helps.


Hey Tony

Thank you! I got it to work but using the device ID instead of the name. We’re back in business.

Thank you so much!

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I didn’t do anything, but that’s excellent. Nice one.