Using Components in 3rd party frameworks or pure web projects


Hello fellow Ionites

Currently I’m working on a project with 3rd party framework “MeteorJS”. I was looking into integrating into it, some Ionic v4 Components.

So here are my questions.

  1. Is it possible to use specific Ionic v4 components into a 3rd party framework or generic webapp project?
  2. How I can do that? I couldn’t find any documentation on how to ‘import’ Ionic v4 components into a 3rd party project.

Thank you in advance


Not sure it’s actually what you are looking for but maybe just for a test I wrote once a tutorial on how to add Ionic components without framework which probably the same as using components anywhere

Otherwise using/consuming the Ionic core components is like importing any web components developed with Stencil, so you could have a look to the StencilJS doc


Thank you @reedrichards

I have struggled for quite some time, but I was not able to make it work.
If I use the CDN it works like a charm. But the framework I’m using is using babel to bundle stuff. So when I ‘import’ the dist/ionic.js it starts requiring additional files from my local webview, and of course it cannot find it. I was not able to import something that would bundle all the required files in my app’s bundle.

Anyone knows how the @ionic/core package could be integrated into a framework that bundles-up code from there?

Thank you


Not sure it would help as it is not Webpack but I also use Ionic core components in framework less project packed with webpack, like in the starter kit of DeckDeckGo ->

Sorry don’t have more idea than these


Unfortunately it did not work with my framework :frowning:

But many thanks for your help, it has been insightful :slight_smile:

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