Citrix Worx

Has anyone successfully deployed an Ionic application to Citrix Worx?



The verbiage below is for a Xamarin app. Will the following steps also work for an Ionic app?

  1. just write your app with Xamarin.iOS and compile in release mode.
  2. open MDXToolkit
  3. choose option “For IT administrators. Deploy App from XenMobile”
  4. browse the .ipa file produced from compiling with Release configuration (it’s the file ready to be deployed to AppStore)
  5. add some default informations. All of this information can also be modified when the app is published to the App Controller
  6. For iOS, click Browse and select the iOS Distribution Provisioning Profile. The associated Distribution Certificate will auto-­‐populate in the iOS Distribution Certificate drop-­‐ down
  7. select the destination folder where store the produced file ready for being installed in XenMobile


And did you get the Ionic app working with Citrix Worx?
I’m currently facing the same question from a customer…and could really need some pointers.