Backend for Livechat system

Hi Ionicers,

I have plan build a Live chat system Zopim-like. Mobile, web apps both.

Can suggest I choose right a backend service? Firebase, Nodejs,…? and some tutorial build live chat system?

Thank you so much.

@nextmobi - If you are building an Ionic app, take a look at our Onymos Chat component for complete back-end functionality.

It is free for the first 200 users or 200MB of high-performance real-time-storage. As your business grows you can then upgrade to more storage based on your requirements in very small increments.
Most importantly, you can have this working today and get to market soon to try out how the market embraces your app idea.

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It all depends on whether you can afford to use a paid service, or else you write your own.
Socket.IO would be perfect for this, and they have an example on their website:

sitepoint has released a tutorial on how you could go about this:

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Nodejs + Socket.IO look great, thank Effakt.
and firebase?

Firebase has an open-source real-time chat you could look at replicating/using.