Capacitor push notifications is not giving APNS token on ios instead giving fcm token

Previously while using cordova, i was getting fcm token for android and APNS token/key for iOS.
after migrating to capacitor, i am getting fcm token for both android and iOS.
Is there any way to get APNS key for iOS ? since we are not specifiying any params while initializing the push notifications.

It’s totally impossible to get a FCM token on iOS unless you have some FCM plugin or custom FCM code.

We use this code on iOS and then send push notifications with [ApnsClient]( from the server, so I would think it’s the required token.

    //Request Permissions
    PushNotifications.requestPermissions().then((permission) => {
        if (permission.receive === 'granted') {
            console.log('Register for push notifications')
        } else {
            console.log('ERROR No permission to register for push')

    //Registration token
    PushNotifications.addListener('registration', async (token) => {
        if (token) {
            console.log('Registered for push notifications:', token)
            await registerPushTokenWithServer(token.value)

From my experience, if you are using the Capacitor Push Notification plugin, following this guide, you’ll get the FCM token.

If you want the APN token, follow this guide.