Not getting FCM notifications on IOS

Hello I’m new to Ionic Angular and I’m having problems getting notifications on IOS.

I’m going by this to build a test app.

The notifications work in Android, I’m getting a FCM token on IOS. But when I send a test message form the Firebase console, I don’t get the notifications on IOS.

When I compare the Android/IOS tokens and tokens from older Cordova apps I have made, the IOS token is about 11 characters longer. I don’t know if that might be part of the problem.


Are you getting an APNS Key instead of an FCM Key maybe?

I did test that, I think the APNS tokens are 64 characters. The FCM token I’m getting is 163 characters.

The older FCM tokens and the Android ones are 152 characters.

And this may not be the issue, just something I noticed trying to troubleshoot it.