iOS capacitor Push Notifications not being received

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get an app with push notifications working.
Everything seems to be working fine on androids part.

However, when I send a notification towards the iOS app, it isn’t being received.

I followed this tutorial:

Whenever the iOS app starts up it behaves well by displaying a message to request for permission.
Once permission is granted I’m greeted with the message push registration successful, and I get back the FCM token from the alert.

However, when I send a notification from firebase console towards the iOS app, it doesn’t want to be received on both the background or foreground of the app. While the message does get displayed on android.

The part where I had to generate a APNS certificate, I went through correctly. However I set the wrong email address (not the apple id email address) when creating the Certificate Signing Request. I hope that is not what is causing the issues right now.

After I’ve imported the APNS certificate into my keychain app on mac OS, I’ve tried exporting the private key to a p12 file so that I can upload this as the certificate for firebase, since firebase uses p12 files.
When exporting the key I’m given the option to setup a password. I generated a strong password.

Could it be that this certificate key should have no password set?
Because when adding the APNS certificate to the keychain app I wasn’t asked to set any sort of password.

Could it be that the version that is compiled with the iOS app uses no password for the APNS certificate, while the firebase p12 file expects a password? And that this is causing issues?

I hope someone can clarify in which step I went wrong.

Yours truly,

I’m pretty sure something was wrong with the APNS certificate that I was using.

I switched over to a APNS authority key and the notifications started working.