Ionic Capacitor - The registration token is not a valid FCM registration token


We are migrating from Cordova to Capacitor.
For a long time, we worked with Cordova FCM plugin for getting push notifications -

It worked great for Android & iOS.

In Capacitor, I saw that there are 2 plugins:

I try to use both plugins together as the documentation suggests. I understood that I must use the FCM plugin to get FCM token on iOS and not APNS.
From the FCM plugin:

From the Push Notifications plugin:

Currently I’m only developing and testing the Android, and when I’m using FCM.getToken to get token. Using this token on the BE to send fcm push, returns an error:
“The registration token is not a valid FCM registration token”

If I’m using the token that I get from the Push Plugin: PushNotifications.addListener(‘registration’), it works ok, but I’m not sure that this will be good for iOS FCM token later.

So I’m confused which plugins should I use for FCM on both platforms and why does it fail.
Appreciate you help.


You can get the FCM token instead of the APNS token following this guide (the link is to the specific step where you would get the FCM token and pass it to the plugin instead of the APNS token, but you should read the whole guide)

Thanks for your assistant!
It will take some time til we get to iOS so I’ll check and update later.

So it means that we can remove the FCM plugin and leave only push notifications plugin?