Can't run ionic on ios device, but works in ios simulator

I can build and run but on device, page just is white.
Is the path wrong in ios?

This is way too little information to expect anyone to help you.

have u make ur iOS Device to a developer device?

Yes I have! The app installs correctly and see the splash screen. But Then loading the HTML in webview, the view is just white. Must a du something with the folder in xcode. Include it in the project?

I figured it out, all files must have same naming convention/case sensive.

u can try to build it first, then in ur project folder platforms -> iOS u can find a xcode project. Try to open it and simulat it.

same thing in android

@chaith123: to u have some errors?

I’m also having issues with ionic run ios

i try to test the command.

if i run the command “ionic run ios” i get nothing :S

But if i start the iOS Simulator and then run the Command the app start

no… how debug apk file to device without emulator @azad11

connect ur phone and look if usb-debugging activate. If it that look if allowed to install apk from unknowen soruce. Then type “ionic run android” i have no problems… if u get some erros post it plz.

sorry for my bad english :S

already activated usb debugging option and also allowed unknown resources.Ionic run android type debugs on emulator only

sorry for my bad english also

@chaith123: can u speak german? :smiley:

have u installed the Android SDK?

I d’nt Know german language.
i am asking debug in mobile device.i am connected to you pc my mobile.if type ionic run android apk debug in emulator only…

U need the ADB to install the APK on ur mobile device.

Start u terminal and type “adb” if u get a error, u dont have adb, but u need it!!!

If u have “adb” try in ur terminal “adb devices” and look it is a device connected.

missing abd devices
drivershas installed present
its working thanq @azad11

no problem :smiley: @chaith123