Cant get internal links work inside ionic


I am working on mobile application that display news, and the admin add the news using php
the editor is CKEditor in the admin control,
everything works perfect.
but when the admin add external link the application doesnt make it clickable, even it looks like a link in the mobile.
Anyone face this problem before ?


Can you elaborate it more, as how it is realted to ionic ?


its built using ionic framework,
I am reading the html content like this

    .filter('to_trusted', ['$sce', function($sce){
        return function(text) {
            return $sce.trustAsHtml(text);

<div ng-bind-html="data.content| to_trusted"></div>

I can see all the html being applied, such as <ul> <p> but not the <a href="">
This is my json response from the server

  "id": "1",
  "created_date": "2015-05-19 09:09:39",
  "title": "Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony",
  "description": "<p><a href=\"http:\/\/\/index.php?option=com_tz_portfolio&amp;view=article&amp;id=249:ais-igcse,-as,-a2-and-american-diploma-overview%E2%80%8F&amp;catid=41&amp;Itemid=538&amp;lang=en\">AIS IGCSE, AS, A2 and American Diploma Overview&rlm;<\/a></P
  "image": "1432012362.jpg",
  "thumbail": "",
  "lang": "all",
  "date": "2015-05-19",
  "timestamp": "1432044579"


So you want to open an external URL from your Ionic app? That won’t work by default because your app runs in a “special” browser (a WebView) when packaged as a mobile app.

You can use the cordova-plugin-inappbrowser to open external URLs.


The problem I want the admin to add content and be able to add external links using CKEditor


How do i open a website inside an app?
For example i have a responsive website, i want it inside my ionic app, and use this website as my app itself. So that, i need not build an app from the scratch.
Please reply me ASAP. I am almost at my deadline.

I tried using iframe, object and it was working fine. But, as the device’s font-size setting changes, the content font-size of iframe also changes.