Links not opening in system browser?


I’m trying to open links in the device’s system browser but it isn’t working. I’m getting my data/links from a json file on a http.get request.

The code i’m using is from here

My code:


 <p style="text-align:left"> <span ng-bind-html="item.content | externalLinks"></span></p>



.filter('externalLinks', function() {
   return function(text) {
     return String(text).replace(/href=/gm, "class=\"ex-link\" href=");


    .controller('announcementCtrl', function($scope, $http, $ionicLoading, $ionicPopup, $timeout) {
       $timeout(function () {
       $('.ex-link').click(function () {
         var url = $(this).attr('href');, '_system', 'location=yes');
         return false;

I’m not receiving any errors it just isn’t working. I


In your config.xml, do you have the following?

<access origin="http:*" launch-external="yes"/>
<access origin="https:*" launch-external="yes"/>

If not, try adding it. This is happening because all external links by default are blocked.


I added that but it still isn’t loading links in the systems browser. Any more ideas?


What happens if you alert the url variable before the


What do you mean? Just add an alert box?


I added two alertboxes to my code. For some reason they load when the application starts?


I’m with the same problem. I have been trying in every way but unfortunately without success. The site replaces my app and I don’t have a way to back to my app.

I found a solution but after a while it crashes my application:

ps: I use crosswalk.


Finally I found a solution:

<a ng-click="openURL("")"/>

$scope.openURL = function (url) {, { openExternal:true });

This worked for me.


My links are being inputted from a Http.get Json file so i can’t do it like that.


What if you did this beefman?

<a ng-click="openURL("json.url")"/>

If this doesn’t work try:

<a ng-click="openURL(json.url)"/>


Might work, i’ll give it a go.