Open Links in IONIC from the HTML contents loads from JSON Ask

I Created an IONIC application, which consist of a career page where users can view the data added by admin in server in HTML format.

i uses the code:

        <div style="text-align: justify;" [innerHTML]="searchResults?.description | sanitizeHtml" ></div>

This loads the HTML description in that card. Everything works perfect. But i faced an issue that when user adds a HTML content with a hyperlink, it is added as :

<a href="http://urlhere">

And when i click that link from app it loads the website inside the app!.
I tried inApp browser plugin! But as the HTML contents can be dynamic, how could achieve to open the links in external browsers. I read that if hyperlinks come as :

<a href="#" onclick="'','_system', 'location=yes'); return false;">

inApp browser plugin will works. But how could i change all the hyperlinks to this format inside my Application?

Please help!!