Cannot upgrade to beta 14

Hi, my ionic instalation is stuck at version beta 13.
I’ve tried “npm install -g ionic” and “npm update -g ionic” commands but I always get the same version: 1.3.2 (using ionic -v) and ionic.js is at Ionic, v1.0.0-beta.13

I’ve also tried to update my nodejs (it’s now at 0.10.35) and nothing.

I can only use the latest version by adding the scripts manually.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced.

Best Regards

Running npm install -g ionic updates the CLI version.

You need to run ionic lib update from the root of your project but this will override the www/lib/ionic folder so if you don’t have it there you will have to move it.

See this topic for more info.

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Thanks, I’ve followed the recommended topic and now I got the latest version.

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