Can ionic help me wrapping any regular website into an app?

Hello guys, I have some decent experience developing websites, for most of them I use twitter bootstrap for the frontend and laravel (php/mysql) for the backend,

Of course, this can’t be directly packaged in a native iOS/Android app so I was thinking on the chance to just wrapping them.

My questions are:

  • Is there any con or they will run just the same as in a browser?
  • Can Ionic help on this? I researched a bit and if I understand correctly I should use “Cordova” or “Capacitor”, is that correct?
  • Como someone please give me a general idea about the workflow? I’ve been trying to get a general idea but I’m still unsure about the role of each actor in the process.

Thanks in advance for any input.

If you don’t use any plugin or native features, don’t do it.
Apple will probably reject your app.

For Android you can use Trusted Web Activities, it’s a way of wrapping a Progressive Web App (PWA)

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