Ionic and web

Hello Ionic team,
I am researching technologies for a new greenfield project.
The target is a multiplatform industrial mobile application + web.
You have great documentation, but I could not find information about a few topics. It would be fantastic if you share your knowledge.
Can I develop in one codebase application for Android, IOS, and Web?
I mean is this work as PWA and thanks to A2HS (add to home screen) adding a shortcut in home screen/desktop when you visit a website, and Ionic deliver near-native UX for mobiles?


Greetings, dear.

Ionic nowadays with Capacitor allows the possibility not only to deploy binaries for iOS and Android with native UI/UX behavior, preserving the standards and patterns recommended on the web in order to optimize the product as fluid and functional as possible.

You can do the test yourself by creating a “Getting Started…” from here:

Additionally, Capacitor today also allows you to deploy not only on Web PWA and access the capabilities of the equipment if they are available, but also offer you fallbacks (e.g.: FileUpload, for example), also on Desktop with Electron:

PWA with Capacitor and Ionic:

Electron Desktop con Capacitor y Ionic:

You can get a sense of how many Ionic/Angular apps are there by just searching for “com.ionicframework”, which is our starting package ID. Here’s a link if you’re interested.

Don’t be afraid! That it is better to regret what was done than what was not. :wink:

For more info., you could read a little more details thanks to Mike in the following article:

Best regards.