Can Ionic do everything that a native app can?

Hi, I would like to know if Ionic can do everything that a native app can like change wallpapers, set the alarm, take pictures, play music or save files on the device etc. I like the framework and would love to learn more about it what it can and cannot do.

I could not find any tutorial that did any of those things so I got curious. Anyway, Ionic is awesome :).

Hoping to get an answer soon.


That’s the goal of the cordova project. Google it.

Also when you have a use case in mind and isn’t sure whether cordova has support, google like “cordova plugin wallpaper” - wallpaper being the use case. If something shows up, there is a good chance someone has managed to make it work.

ionic 2 native isn’t 100% mapping of all existing cordova plugins, but it already covered a lot of them.

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Thank you very much for the native link :slight_smile:

I have just one more question.

Let me know if I am wrong here but to check battery status, I need to install the plugin by running ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-battery-status in command line inside my project directory.

After that I need to put the code provided inside script tags. Am I right?