Viability of using jQuery with Ionic



  1. I know jquery very well. Angular, not so much.
  2. I need to develop an app as quickly as possible.

I see jQuery is mentioned here and there in the docs and forums, but the docs seem to indicate the Ionic framework is closely tied to Angular, Vue, etc, but not jQuery.

Will I run into problems/limitations with the framework if I choose to use jQuery later down the line?

Just trying to get a handle on choosing the best tech stack before I begin.

Thanks for any comments.

There is no issue using jQuery with Ionic UI components. Just load them through CDN or a local lib u include in the html

jQuery with Angular, React or Vue may create issues, in some cases like race conditions trying to update the DOM.

U can use the plain vanilla JS API in the doc to play around with alerts, modal etc.

I have done so with svelte and works like a charm for majority of goodies (pending other libs u use for e.g. routing - ionic routing in tabs and nav may not like working with own routers)

Thanks for that feedback, much appreciated.

So am I right when I assume that just because I’m not using Angular that there won’t be features or capabilities denied me with the choice of using jQuery?


I am fairly confident u will not regret as long as u deny Angular being actually a better choice over jQuery.

:crazy_face: which I say because I like Angular more

Btw, if u take the docs and look at the example, there is this View Source link thay will bring u to plain vanilla JS github source of the example

Perfect tenplates for jQuery I would think

Agreed - Angular is of course a much better choice, but for me it’s a case of not having the time to learn it…