Update to ionic3?

Hello ,
the last year i have worked wih ionic1 , now i return to ionic and want to continue with it ,and since it is released to ionic 3 i don’t know what i have to do as update ? any tutorial recommanded to begin with it ?
Thanks .

There is no upgrade path from Ionic v1 to Ionic 2+. You have to create a new application.

Or better: There is no simple way to upgrade. But here are two links that might help:
Quite a lot of work though. If you are happy with Ionic v1 and don’t need to change much, keep it.

If you start new:
Uninstall Ionic CLI (npm uninstall -g ionic cordova), install it again (npm install -g ionic cordova), create a new project with ionic start.

Okey ,thank y so much :slight_smile: