Can I install Ionic 1 and 2 in same machine?

This is silly question, wonder if I can have both ionic and ionic v2 installed in same machine?? I want to experience with v2 and use 1 for work.

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Yes you can, just install v2 with:

npm install -g ionic@beta

and you will be able to use both v1 and v2. To use v2 start projects like this:

ionic start MyApp --v2

to use v1 do this:

ionic start MyApp

Your existing projects won’t be effected.


Have you tested it bro? Because it can be risky when you have important project of ionic 1 in same machine and ionic 1 will not work.

Yea Ionic 1 and Ionic 2 work in the same machine

yes it does, but then I can’t make a new project for ionic 1 :frowning:.
after I installed ionic@beta, it worked great. But problem arrived when I tried to create other ionic 1 project, missing ionic.project and I assumed that was why I couldn’t setup scss and so on :cry:. Probably I am stupid, I tried to do it manually but didn’t work.

Did you try this CLI ?
For me it’s working perfectly

I believe so, i used this. > ionic start helloWolrd tabs

I m having following issue on ionic serve after installing v2.

ionic serve
WARN: ionic.project has been renamed to ionic.config.json, please rename it.
Uh oh! Looks like you're missing a module in your gulpfile:
Cannot find module 'gulp'

Do you need to run `npm install`?

Emulate and build works but server does not work. Any suggestion please?

First I tried this because someone suggested ionic serve, it would created the ionic.project. But it didn’t work, so I tried to create the ionic.project and ionic lib update, but it didn’t work either.

At last I uninstalled ionic 2 and reinstalled ionic 1. Then everything worked.

PS I mentioned all of this, cos I had the same error, when I tried to create New Ionic 1 project but I was on ionic 2.