Ionic 1.x and 2.x in the same machine

Is it possible to run in the same machine projects with ionic 1 and 2?

I have an OS (Mac OS) with Ionic 1 set up (Cordova 5.1.1, Ionic 1.2.4, Ionic CLI 1.7.14) and I want to run projects with Ionic 2. If I update Ionic (and CLI) globally to 2.x, will the 1.x still works?

I’m using ionic 1 and 2 in different projects on Windows. I think Ionic fully supports 1 and 2. this is also on their page about installing ionic 2

Worried about your V1 Ionic projects? Don’t worry! The beta release has all the functionality to work with both V1 projects and V2 projects.

I set up 2 environments with Ionic 1 and 2 projects, everything is ok.

I understand that the Ionic 2 beta release ALSO support Ionic 1 but are there any indications as to how long Ionic 2 will also allow Ionic 1 Apps to be developed for?

I ask as there may be a situation where a few years down the line I need to update some existing Ionic 1 Apps (which I might not be able to convert to Ionic 2 codebase due to client budgets or lack of).

Will this be possible?

How long will Ionic 1 be supported/available for?

When does its lifetime run out so to speak?

I appreciate any answers that anyone may have with regards to the above.

You can use nvm to maintain the Different Node Instances.
see link:

I am currently using nvm to manage Ionic V1 and V3 Projects.

Does Ionic v1 really need a different Ionic CLI version? Ionic CLI works with v1 projects just fine.

Hmm, True. But sometimes Developers tend to work on Different Node Setups for Working on Legacy Projects. For those use-cases, i think we will need nvm for working with Different Ionic Projects.
Correct me if i am Wrong!

Nope, I am suggesting everybody use nvm or nvm-windows - it’s great. But not necessarily for the reason to have several different Ionic CLI - but to have different npm, node, cordova if necessary. Working with the newest Ionic CLI is always a good idea if your project is compatible - and almost all are (v2 betas excluded).

Yes i agree with you, i should have been more specific. Thanks.

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