Is it "safe" to install Ionic 1 AND 2 on same system?

I’ve been working on an Ionic 1 app since January. Now I want to look at Ionic 2 without jeopardising my current app. Is it safe to do that?

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Wondering the same thing.
I just tried to do a local install using npm install ionic@alpha without the -g flag, but that didn’t seem to work …

Anybody have a better idea to install 1 and 2 on the same machine?

I just asked @adam here at the angularconnect conference:
It’s safe to overwrite your current ionic CLI with ionic@alpha, because all of the old code is kept, and the new v2 project creator only kicks in when you give it the flag --v2.
e.g. ionic start cutePuppyPics --v2

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@koenweyn @martinjbaker
I’m currently working on getting the latest changes from master (1.7.x of CLI) into the CLI V2 changes.

In the meantime, if you want to play with ionic V2 stuff, I suggest installing the alpha of the CLI (npm install -g ionic@alpha).

Then when you want to get back to V1 ionic, I suggest re-installing ionic 1.7.x (npm install -g ionic) when you want to get back to V1 things.

Once the CLI hits V2 beta, it will be usable for both v1 and v2 projects. I can promise that.


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Yes, that’s what I had to do with my projects. Was hoping for a way to try what they have so far, but got scared after I couldn’t build my v1 projects again…

Hope they reach v2 beta soon - looks so promising :smile:

It’ safe, I did and didn’t have any problems, everything was fine and smooth with me. Give a try. BTW on ionic 2 docs they say it’s safe to do that.

Worried about your V1 Ionic projects? Don’t worry! The alpha release has all the functionality to work with both V1 projects and V2 projects.

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