Can i inspect my app CSS in Xcode

I’ve got an app i’ve been debugging in Chrome to see the dom and the CSS styles. Now it has some native cordova plugins there are some pages i cannot view in chrome. I can run it fine in Xcode simulator and everything works, but is there a way i can view the css of elements like i can in Chrome.

I can’t seem to find and googling wasn’t fruitful, i’m hoping i’ve missed something obvious!


Yes you can, You would need to use safari for this. Make sure your device is plugged in while the app is running and then you would need to open up the safari preferences menu in order to enable develop menu in the menu bar.

After this is enabled, close the window , and now go back to safari and go to the top menu and you will see the Develop option. click it then a drop down menu will show, click on your device name and a debug window will pop up. Viola :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve tried this and it didn’t work sadly.

This is all i get in the develop menu :frowning:

Are you running the app on your device or simulator? If its a simulator, it will not work, it has to be a physical device.

if you have plugged in your device, run the command ionic cordova run ios , you should see: your iphones name under your “paul’s iMac”.

if this does not work when running the command above, remove app from your device and run it via xcode, then go to safari to check if your iphone name pops up, which it should. Hope this helps.