Free database to use in ionic app

I want to create an app where I have to use a database. Which database should I go for? The database should be free to use. Doesn’t matter whether it is SQL or NoSQL.

Can I use MongoDB in ionic to store data locally in device?

Firebase is not free.

Dropbox is limited.

SQLite is not giving syncing support well as Firebase, CouchDB/PouchDB.

Do I have other options? Please suggest.

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Hi Fox,
after a long period of searching and consider I have used for my case Loki.JS.



Thank you Sebastian

I am trying to read implement it.

Hi Sebastian,

I read stuffs regarding lokijs it is good for performance. I need a little more which is syncing. I came to know that PouchDB and CouchDB are going to give that to me.

Stuck in the authentication part, how can I secure my database data from others in CouchDB.

I mean CouchDB security/authentication.

Thank you any way.

Have you tried Couchbase?:

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couchdb is compatible with sqlite in some ways, too.
I am also using lokijs in some parts of my apps, but simplier as a localstorage alternative (storing flags in a file and so on). Sure, i could simple use cordova file system, but there i got a simple api :smile:

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Thanks Nic. I am trying to work on couchbase.

@bengtler Thank you for the response. Can we live sync or do some kind of sync couchdb with sqlite, Without writing manual code?

it should work:
look at the sqlite part

you could use the pouchdb “sync” method or listen on the change events, to implement syncing