Can I accept IAP, google/facebook login, and biometric security without paying?

I just found out about Ionic and Capacitor, and so far they seem pretty nice. But I’m concerned - I’m a very small time independent developer and I want to use the following features:

  • In App Purchases
  • Google and Facebook login
  • Biometric security

But I can’t afford hundreds of dollars a month (Paid annually…). Are there enough good free community plugins that I can do all these things without paying for Enterprise? What can’t I do without Enterprise?

there are free cordova and capacitor plugins for all of those.

Our enterprise offereings main selling point is that we develope and maintain the plugins. Enterprises are happy to pay because we support the plugins and them.

But there are plenty of free and open source alternatives based on this. We have a nice community of OSS plugins here

plus others that exist outside of the org.