Native UI Payment Solutions for Ionic?

Looking to see if anyone has had any luck with Payment Plugins that provide a native Ui experience? In my research, most of the plugins referenced in the forums are over a year old and many are deprecated… it seems like challenges with Stripe Checkout UI dont have a real solution… So before i start writing my own capacitor plugin I wanted to reachout to see what others have done.

Thanks In Advance

Because i failed at this Task, i’m currently developing a maintained Braintree Plugin

is it public or did you just fork one and manage it independently?

It will be public, i can ping you here when the first version is released, so you can test and help me to develop

fyi: The Success of the Plugin needs a Change in cordova-android to work in Android. Discussion is here:

Please see this to get infos about by new Plugin: Need Testers for new Braintree Plugin