More secure biometrics

So I’ve went through a few biometric apps so I can offer my users a biometric login. My problem is security. Storing a key/value based system that can just be accessed by calling the key/value system again isn’t secure.

I installed the GitHub - epicshaggy/capacitor-native-biometric biometric, but the username and password can legit be accessed without using the biometric.

I’ve read that on Android (and maybe iOS?) there’s a way to get the system to give you back a public/private key pair on biometric authentication? Now a key pair direct from the OS is MUCH more secure. I could then add this to my token system and it would be easier and extremely secure.

My question is, do I know what I’m talking about? Or am I missing something? Lol

Is this possible just not implemented in Cordova or capacitor or any others?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Identity Vault allows you to use Biometrics to encrypt data. Identity Vault: Biometric ID Management System | Ionic

Plugins like GitHub - epicshaggy/capacitor-native-biometric will show the biometric prompt, but that is very different from encrypting using Biometrics.

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This is great and I didn’t know it was an option. I’m trying to go the free route right now but I appreciate the knowledge! I’m still open to any other solutions people have without going enterprise ionic. Thank you!