Building a "Black Mirror" 'Nosedive' rating app in Ionic

Purely for fun, I decided to quickly build a mockup of the rating app that was used on the popular NetFlix show “Black Mirror”, on their episode ‘Nosedive’.

In the show, the users would constantly rate each other with an app using a ‘swipe and flick’ gesture. I built this purely to annoy my wife and kids as I rated them on chores, homework etc. :smile:

A video demo of the app in use is here:

A blog post about my thoughts and development process is here:

Full source code is on Github so you can fork it and do whatever you like with it:

Have fun. At the very least, it may prove as a learning tool for implementing a video background on an app, as well as using Cordova Native Audio to play sound snippets. Have fun!