Browser app in material design style and traditional menus

There are several understanding problems for many of us how we could implement a browser app using material design and traditional menu behavior.

What I’m expecting and I’m trying to do is doing a app exactly like that

This has a static header with app name, on the right there are some buttons and on the left there is the menu button.
The menu button opens the menu with severe menus and submenus. And there is also the traditional CONTENT DIV in which we will load our content on clicking on menu.

On several posts you write, we can use ionic to have a hybrid app for desktop browser, mobile ios and mobile android and that’s fine. But how can we implement a desktop app, with desktop look and feel and a desktop experience using ionic?
I don’t know how to do that with your mobile router.

Can you please help all uf us! There are many many likes on your wishlist for the angular2 router, so if you don’t will implement them and for sure you have right opinion about this, but can you please open a discussion and help us on how we can resolve our problems, because there are many people need this.

Hm… sorry, but how it depends on mobile platform of Ionic 2?

Ionic2 was born to have a hybrid app for mobile platform. But also the team says, ionic can be used for browser app and mobile app, so you can sare one app for all platforms… The team is also implementing supporting a WPA, which means have a WebApp on mobile.

The team also wrote they support browser app outside mobile and cordova.

So how can we handle the desktop behavior with ionic?

As described here:

The team writes:
“Desktop web support: In addition to the mobile web, our intent is to support traditional desktop-style web apps with Ionic 2.”