Ionic 2 for Desktop Browser

Ionic 2 is very good and it would be even better if it made the development for Desktop Browser easy to use.
This would allow us to have only 1 source code to maintain.

Do you have any plan in this direction?

Here are few things that I would like to know.

  • Do you plan to allow the developers to use Angular Routing in Ionic so that a user using a browser can directly navigate to the page specified by the url?
  • Do you plan to provide styling themes for Desktop Browser?
  • Do you have some tutorial/guidance that we could use?
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I have checked the repository issues but I could not find a clear answer about this.
Anyone to help?

I believe all you have to do is use the --no-cordova or -w flag in the command line when starting the app. The commands are.listed on link below

Thank you for the link but the main problem continue to be how to handle the navigation url of each of the different pages.

The biggest problem comes from the fact that Ionic does not yet support routing. Which I read was because of the fact that they were waiting for the latest version of Angular 2 Routing.

But as a general question I would like to know if the ionic team will support desktop websites and ensure their components/logic works properly on recent browsers.

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