Blank/white screen when launching exported app on iOS

When testing the app with ionic emulate or ionic run, the app works great. But after exporting into xcode and then loading through iTunes onto an iphone 5s, the app only shows a white screen and does not progress.

I have checked the device crash logs and nothing comes up there, so I’m not sure how to progress.

I’ve managed to work out that its loading the index.html and the javascript, but is never executed and nothing ionic actually loads, but there are no errors.

It also works fine when emulating in xcode:

2015-01-24 17:15:58.226 moodtracker2[76670:300297] DiskCookieStorage changing policy from 2 to 0, cookie file: file:///Users/tomchambers/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/DE31845A-54DD-42FE-BD93-3222C106F55F/data/Containers/Data/Application/168B055F-807E-4CDE-B7CE-448738D1C3D3/Library/Cookies/Cookies.binarycookies
2015-01-24 17:15:58.456 moodtracker2[76670:300297] Apache Cordova native platform version 3.7.0 is starting.
2015-01-24 17:15:58.456 moodtracker2[76670:300297] Multi-tasking -> Device: YES, App: YES
2015-01-24 17:15:58.461 moodtracker2[76670:300297] Unlimited access to network resources
2015-01-24 17:15:59.161 moodtracker2[76670:300297] [CDVTimer][keyboard] 0.135005ms
2015-01-24 17:15:59.162 moodtracker2[76670:300297] [CDVTimer][localnotification] 0.331044ms
2015-01-24 17:15:59.162 moodtracker2[76670:300297] [CDVTimer][localnotification] 0.012994ms
2015-01-24 17:15:59.162 moodtracker2[76670:300297] [CDVTimer][TotalPluginStartup] 1.106977ms
2015-01-24 17:15:59.881 moodtracker2[76670:300297] Resetting plugins due to page load.
2015-01-24 17:16:00.286 moodtracker2[76670:300297] Finished load of: file:///Users/tomchambers/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/DE31845A-54DD-42FE-BD93-3222C106F55F/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/8CA3E49E-C3BC-4572-8F4D-BC62E60F805B/