Best tutorial/course for a beginner with some Angular experience

Hi there!

I would like to start making mobile apps with Ionic framework since I have some experience with angular making web apps. Searched a lot on the web and yet to find a highly recommended course/tutorial for someone like me. I am looking for something that will take me through the basics and teach me the logic of ionic framework. The course can be paid too. I am looking for a quality content. Thanks in advance



Any preference for framework? You want to stick to angular or go for others like vue or react?

Makes quite a difference for pointing to good (free) resources

thanks for the response Tom. Angular will be my go to since i am more familiar with that.

And I have found the Ionic Docs pretty useful for development. Especially if you feel comfortable about Angular, you can pretty much copy/paste code while developing Ionic.

Then the other learning is about how you want to deploy stuff - you will need to learn some things about Capacitor maybe.