Ionic start for beginner


I am new on Ionic and I tried to learn it by myself for many times but I am still blocked, I understand a little bit how does it work but simalar problems about how to start happens :

-What to use for data storage, do we always have to use json as in rest applications each time to have a nice code ?
-Wich system is the best for the data storage ? Localstorage or Firebase for example.
-Wich plugins and services are good to know and to use for a beginner, especially for authentifications.
-Wich tutorials are the bests ?

I already installed many projects but when I tried to put it on Ionic view, versions were to old …
So when I try to update modules with npm there is compatibily problems too.

I need new and operationnals tutorials or codes to study.

If you have suggestions, I would like to know them :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help.


When I was starting, I bought Josh Morony’s book on Ionic, and the book on Angular. Then when I was a bit more advanced, I bought a month’s membership at, and watched a ton of videos about Observables. I recommend all three purchases. I learned a lot, and it was a lot faster than picking through tutorials.

Hi @Cdeveloppeur,
Your doubts is normal, and don’t ask too much before starting!
Put your hands dirty! It could be fast by trying, and learning tutorials.
I will share with you a Weather app that is using Open weather.
The Weather app you may clone the repo on Git Hub, or download it.
Its a simple approach, but complete example to study…
Sorry because it’s in portuguese, but you may translate.
Hope it helps you to start.
Have a nice time!

There is also my book, Mobile App Development with Ionic published by O’Reily to get you up to speed. :slight_smile:

I also concur on learning Observables, as they are incredibly powerful and complex, but once you understand them, your development will be so much easier.

Chris Griffith

Check out Ionic courses on
I think they have the best tutorials.

Thanks everybody for all your answers, it has been helpfull :smile: