Best practices - Launching new project

Hello community,

I used to work alone with ionic framework but my future project is bigger and I have to work with a team which don’t know ionic.
My team is composed with a graphic artist, a front-end (html/css) developer and a developer for the back office services.

My job will be to call the back-office services, to integrate the results in the mock-up (content part) created by the front-end developer, to create the template (menu, header, footer, tabs, pull to refresh,…), to use some plugins (GPS, datepicker, analytics,…) and to generate the packages (Android, Ios)

I’am creating on a list of best practices to give to each member of the team.
Could you help me to fill it with your good practices?

Back-end Services :

  • Use JSON format

Front-end (html/css) developer :

  • Use ionic Framework (CSS part)
  • Use CSS library as few as possible
  • Ensure to use HTML/CSS components available for the target (Android 4 + Ios 7) =>
  • Limit the use of gradient/radius/shadow/text-align
  • Use CSS sprite sheet
  • Optimize images

Integrator (Me) :

  • Use JS library as few as possible
  • Avoid DOM manipulation
  • Minimize network access
  • Use localstorage to cache static data

I have not mentioned the 300ms click delay, the use of hardware acceleration and the way to scroll because using ionic framework resolve those issues.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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