Ionic 4 and CSS-utilities


Hi there,

I’m currently testing Ionic 4 and would like to know if you (the Ionic dev-team) plan to include more CSS-utilities comparable to Bootstrap’s utilities for the final release. I know you have a basic set of utilities included already, but there’s still a lot of room for development :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear from you.



what you linked seems to be pure css. Some elements needs jquery or poperjs to work, see here, but the rest is css. So you can download the package extract the css and use it as any other css library.

Best regrads, anna-liebt


Hi @anna_liebt,

no, most of the utilities are based on mixins with which you can create dynamic classes etc. It would be nice to have such a detailed library in Ionic aswell some day. Currently I use some of the mixins from BS directly but I think it’s not a clean approach to mix up two theming-frameworks.