Anyone interested in sharing best practices/experience they've had so far with Ionic as a framework and Appflow as well?

Hey everyone, completely new here, so forgive me if I broke any of the rules this forum has :grimacing: I’m just trying to wrap my head around the framework and the apps that come along with it. Wanna figure out what are the best practices, benefits vs risks etc. when choosing Ionic route.

We are planning to move away from native mobile app development and switch to cross-platform. I’d love to have a quick chat around the topic with someone that has gone through this and has experience with the technology already :slight_smile:

Peace, from sunny Copenhagen :sunny:

1.Before come to Ionic you should know . HTML , CSS and JavaScript
2.Then learn TypeScript and Latest version of Angular. Now React and Vue also supported.
3.Then you can start development in Ionic.
The best thing I liked about Ionic is it saves time of development.
As a Android Developer I was experienced this that showing list of items using API call is much easier in Ionic than Android.

Thanks for the reply, I’m actually a Product Manager and I’m ramping up a team right now. Based on the tech leads in my other team Ionic is the way to go, but I’d like to get some more insights from people that actually work/worked with it.

For Development you can use Ionic Studio
For CI/CD of ionic Apps you can use Ionic AppFlow
Azure DevOps also supporting for Ionic/Cordova apps.

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