Backend for ionic and publishing

I am new to mobile development. I have followed ionic todo sample and created a directory like sample app which emulates well in andriod emulator.

I want to clear my doubts about databse and backend for my ionic app.

I have followed all the steps in the below link.

I checked with android emulator and my app is working fine,

so far all the datas required for my app has been hardcoded as inline data. for eg var cars = [“car”: "zen ", “year”:“2000”…] inside my angular factory service and its working fine. Is this right or should i save all my datas in a separate json file and fetch data with $http or should i use any database like mongodb, sqllite etc…and all my datas are going to be static.

And regarding backend, is my app ready for publising once i check with the emulator. ie., upload it to playstore, should i further use phonegap build or anything like that. because in the above mentioned link there is nothing about backend.


If the app works as you’d like it to work, you’re fine. If all your data is simple and static and there’s no need to communicate with an external database or api, then it’s fine to leave it inline. Don’t add more complexity to the app until you need to, imho.

If you only need static data leave it where it is.
Maybe you might put this data in external files -> so there is no need to search and open your controllers to make simple changes.

Android build is a very nice solution for building apps, but they often have performance issues.

Greets, bengtler